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Shiloh Community Garden


A commissioned illustration from the Asheville Parks and Rec Department. The department had received a grant for 2021 and they wanted to make a community garden coloring book. They commissioned 13 local artists to create ink illustrations, one artist per garden. I was commissioned to illustrate the Shiloh garden that was close to my studio. I wrote a blog post here on this website with a detailed process description with photos and a step by step timeline of how this illustration went from reference photos to completion, check it out!

A Chronicle Book Series



I was commissioned by scifi novelist EAE Gerber to create illustrations for his ongoing "A Chronicle" book series. In the first volume I used only colored pencils to create an atmosphere similar to classic scifi illustrators of the 70s and 80s. In "A Chronicle, Volume II" I decided to try using ink and digital coloration inspired by the scifi illustrator and comic artist Jean Giraud, aka Moebius.

The Culture Series


Commissions for a private client, based on scenes from the book series, "The Culture" by Ian Banks. Both were created completely digitally on an Ipad in procreate.

Miscellaneous Commission Series

2010 -2012

A series of illustration posters commissioned by private client of the course of several years. The series depicts fantastic places and creatures in fantasy, scifi and steampunk.