Merchandise Designs

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Worked with the Asheville, NC based doom metal band, SQUIDLORD. I worked with the drummer and guitarist to create an album cover based on the backstory of the band. A year later I was asked if I could do a metal style graphic for their t-shirts.

Yoga Sloths



Yoga Sloths was the concept of a private client looking for
inter-changeable assets such as slogans, faces and poses for a line of
t-shirts. Designed in Adobe Illustrator each asset was created as a vector for the potential of being used on more merchandise than just t-shirts. 


This album cover was commissioned by the Melbourne, Australian based rock band, The Dadsons. The band described the scene and asked for a style similar to the classic retro-futurist styles used by classic scifi artists in the 60s while also incorporating a hyper-detailed line art style, similar to the contemporary scifi illustrator Killian Eng. The piece was made large format on an Ipad using the Procreate App.

The Dadsons Album Cover Illustration.

Surf Bots


Surf Bot #1.

Surf Bots is a personal merchandise design series for the Sam Fontaine Studios brand. The designs are not vector but created digitally in large format files for the potential of being used on a wide variety of merchandise as well as t-shirts.


The Dadsons