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Merchandise Designs

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Boat Graphics

Boat Graphics


These graphics were commissioned by a private client for their boat. The boat's name was, "Humanatee". Naturally the client wanted a design with a manatee graphic to be printed on vinyl and applied to the boat's hull.  

Humanatee Boat Title Graphic Design.
Piedmont Sudial

This series of graphics where commissioned by the Chapel Hill, NC based news publication, "The Piedmont Sundial". These graphics were designed in Adobe Illustrator.

The Piedmont Sundial

2016 - 2017


University of North Carolina Asheville

2016 - 2018

While working with The University of North Carolina Asheville, I was assigned various signage and promotional materials. These were some of the projects that I was allowed to show. All created for different purposes in Adobe Illustrator.

Book Cover Templates



Worked with to create a series of stock book cover templates and illustrations to sell to self publishing authors.

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