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5 Acts: The King in Yellow RPG Kickstarter

Hey all! I know I've been pretty quiet recently but thats because I've been working with a new small company called Nilhemoth Games. We're currently gearing up for the launch of our kickstarter for a new table top role playing game called 5 Acts: The King in Yellow, a storytelling game based on the original 1890 short story anthology The King in Yellow. I've been working on a lot of illustrations that I haven't been allowed to show off until just recently. I'll be showing off characters and environment art soon! Our company website is live at on the site you can sign up to our mailing list to keep on top of news and updates on the game development and the kickstarter itself! You can also follow me on instagram to see new updates on the game art as well as personal projects, check out @sam_fontaine_studios

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