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A Throw Back to 2016!

I was browsing some of my old art the other day and I found an old poster I drew a couple years ago after being very inspired one night while walking around on a local golf course and taking in a magnificent view of the course and the city lights on the horizon from atop a green mound. I remember thinking hard to make a mental note of the beauty and the details such as the glistening of the grass and stars as well as the shadows of the trees against the horizon. I went home that night and began making sketches and two days later this poster was complete. Its easily the most impressionistic piece I've ever drawn and I'm proud of it to this day. I found it in a pile of old poster designs and wondered why I hadn't posted it online before. Now that I've rediscovered it I've posted a high resolution copy of it and have put prints up for sale in the shop. I can't believe this piece is now almost 3 years old since the new year began! #drawing #art #throwback #illustration #poster #2016 #colored_pencil #pen #impressionism #nature #golf #inspire #psychedelic #hippy #pattern #forsale

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