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Aboard the GSV. Paradise to a Fault?

Someone recently turned me on to a vintage science fiction book series called "The Culture" by Ian M Banks. The series takes place within an intergalactic, fully automated communist federation called "The Culture". Scarcity no longer exists so everything is run by robots, drone and AI while all organic life no longer has to work, die or suffer. In a world where a person can never move from a couch and still live to be 700 years old, the search for meaning in one's life becomes... meaningless, which is the psychological aspect of some of the stories. The level of technology and the expanse through the galaxies makes "The Culture" one of the most wondrous and psychedelic scifi wonderlands I've ever read about. In this federation there are large space ships that are miles by miles big that carry major cities through space. They generally have some humorous names that are funny little phrases. One of the GSVs is called "Nervous Energy". I was hired to do an artists interpretation of what life aboard a GSV would look like. Since nobody has to work anymore, everyone lives a life of leisure which I worked to show in this piece. This original GSV design I named "Your Friendly Neighbor". I made it using my Ipad pro and the software Procreate to bring this piece to life. I used reference photos of crowds and parks in order to design a foreground park where the people look and are positioned in natural human poses. This was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy using your eyes to find all of the details, people and places!

The top side of a GSV looks like an natural environment. The atmosphere and gravity is produced by a force field that encompasses the whole ship.

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