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Crashing into the Coloring Phase

Hey all! I've just finished the line art for the last illustration for the scifi novel, "A Chronicle Volume II" by EAE Gerber! This illustration is titled "CRASH!" because the main characters have unintentionally got wrapped up in a resistance war. During a skirmish they get shot down and crash into the city below. I had a ton of fun drawing these illustrations, but the level of detail that I wanted to have made drawing the rubble really difficult. It took the most time drawing the actual destruction. I initially drew out the entire city with everything in tact and then took a few days skribbling over and destroying the city to give the destruction a nice naturally chaotic look. It took a lot of time making the piles of rubble look right. I zoomed in really close on my Ipad and drew almost every individual piece of debris on the city streets. It's been one of my favorite commissioned projects ever and while I look forward to a continuing partnership with the author, I am looking forward to taking a nice break from inking and diving into the coloring phase. Stay tuned for updates!

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