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Digital Colorization and Fountain Pen

Whew, sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile, I really appreciate your patience. I recently saw a documentary of one of my favorite artists, Moebius. In the documentary he shared some of his philosophies on drawing which were very spiritual and I appreciated it very much. He was also shown drawing with a fountain pen, this surprised me because I wasn't aware that a fountain pen could draw consistent uniform lines, I thought they were only used for calligraphy. So I checked in at a local Cheap Joe's location and read up on fountain pens and bought a few supplies. After I tried a few exercises to get used to the pen and I realized that it's actually easier to use than regular pens because it feels smooth and easy almost like drawing with your fingertip. I took out an old sketch of mine called "Centi-bot" (pictured below). Initially I drew it with no intentions of color but as I drew it, a color scheme revealed itself to me and I decided that to save time, instead of using colored pencil, I should experiment with some digital coloring with photoshop. I looked up a tutorial about how to make black and white line art easy to adapt for digital colorization. It worked like a CHARM! I spent two days with my cintiq and I'm proud to show the final result of this huge experiment! I'm very happy with the result and I will definitely be doing for hand drawn line art mixed with digital coloration!

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