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First Illustration for, "A Chronicle Volume II" is DONE!

The first illustration for the scifi novel, "A Chronicle Volume II" by EAE Gerber is done! Titled, "CRASH!", our band of ragtag outlaws find themselves caught in the middle of a resistance war between the inhabitants of this planet and the galactic government, and get shot out of the sky. I'm very proud of the color scheme I came up with for this piece, and the level of detail in the rubble. This piece was compared to Rodney Ramos' work on the graphic novel series, "Transmetropolitan" which is an old favorite of mine.

This was one of the more complex illustrations in the series to color which is why I chose to start the coloration phase with it. I received a huge project on the side so progress on these last 10 illustrations may take a little while as I balance out my time, but look for updates soon! I appreciate you all, much love!

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