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Invitation To From the AVL Humane Society!

So recently I've been visiting some local rescue shelters to drop off some business cards for my pet portraits for any pet owners or pet owners to be, who may want to get a portrait of their beloved animal companions. One of the shelters I visited was the Asheville Humane Society, they enthusiastically took some business cards, and a couple days later I received an email asking me if I would like to set up a table at their Spring adoption event! This even will be a mashup of several local shelters, local pet business owners and animal lovers of all kinds! I've very excited to show off prior portrait art as well as give out business cards and meet more of the local pet community! If you are in the Asheville NC area around March, check this event out and come say hi, it would be great to meet some folks in real life! All the best everyone, talk to you soon! For now here is one of my new portrait commissions, a fluffy pup named Teddy!

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