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Moving Right Along

Hey all! Been working really hard on a few projects at once which is why I haven't posted any updates recently. One of the main projects I've been chipping away at is the illustrations for the scifi novel, "A Chronicle Volume II" by EAE Gerber. It's been a slow process since I want these to be high quality illustrations and I'm also a bit of a perfectionist, but things have been moving along and I've been very satisfied with how everything is shaping up! Below is a progress photo of the most recent illustration in the series, "The Spaceport"! For time and organization sake I've been inking these recent illustrations with procreate on my Ipad pro. I've been working on establishing a visual rhythm so that I don't accidentally wear out the viewers eyes with too much details in one space, here I've been breaking up the texture details so the viewer's eyes can move freely around the picture without feeling claustrophobic.

You can get updates on the book and hear more about the writing process at

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