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Nearing the Next Phase of The Chronicle Book Series Illustrations

Here is the final inking of the illustration, "Interview" for the science fiction novel, "A Chronicle Volume II" by EAE Gerber. Since this illustration has larger foreground than my usual illustrations, it took me longer than anticipated to finish the texturing of the larger area such as the awning and the cafe masonry on the ground. This illustration also differed from my usual pieces because the main focus is the two people in the foreground. When I add people to my illustrations they tend to be a smaller aspect used to help emphasize the main focus of the work, but here, they really are the main focus. I love how the background turned out, the city and streets turned out lot better and more natural looking than I expected and I'm really grateful for that. Overall I'm happy with how this piece turned out and I'm glad its done because while I enjoyed drawing it, it hasn't been one of my favorites in the series. I'm really excited to jump into the last two illustrations in this series! Stay tuned for more updates!

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