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New Book Cover!

Hi everyone! Last week I completed this new scifi book cover to be sold at My inspiration for this piece came from a mix of a couple vintage scifi illustrators. These two artists are Blair Wilkins and Moebius. Here is a brief history lesson to you about myself, as you can see in my colored pencil section of my site, I used to do a lot of colored pencil and pen pieces. I was always drawn to clear pen lines and bright colors with creative artistic subject matter. My work was usually of the psychedelic genre and always very bright. In the last month I've been going back and making art that is a throwback to my older style of art, primarily colorful with heavy line work. With this most recent piece book cover I wanted to do a piece that reminded me of an old vintage scifi artist I had seen but didn't know that name of. So I used heavy line work, hyper detail and bright colors. When this piece was complete someone mentioned that it reminded them of the artist Moebius (Jean Giraud). At that time I had no clue who that was, but after googling his name I learned that the art that had inspired this book cover actually was Moebius! I was surprised and happy to finally know who that artist was after seeing his work around for many years. I looked up more of his work and realized that my old style from over a decade ago was actually very similar to his work though my old work was psychedelic and not scifi. Since learning who Moebius was I've been working on a couple piece based on his style. They will be posted later down the line, but after seeing Moebius' work, I feel my artistic vigor renewed and I feel heavily inspired. I hope you all enjoy this book cover, and keep an eye out for some new stuff very soon! #sciencefiction #Moebius #photoshop #bookcover #novel #writer #author #fantasy #comic #whimsical #exploration #illustration #art #bookcoverart #design #contemporaryart #samfontainestudios

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