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Pet Portraiture!

Hello everyone! I have a big update, I will now be offering custom pet portraiture!

Folks can now get in contact with me from the pet portrait page of my website. On that portrait page you can also see the sizes and media options for your portrait.

Over the last couple months I learned that I truly enjoy drawing nature and realistic plant life and animals. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I got a beautiful photo of one of the local Chapel Hill deer, and I used it as a reference photo for a realistic graphite nature scene complete with waterfall and forest background. The graphite deer postcard is available for patreon supporters only (FYI). Then over the holiday/new year's break I drew another of the deer while walking in the woods, and after posting this recent deer drawing on instagram, I had several folks contact me directly about pet portraits. The pet portrait was of Scotty, the pit bull boxer mix, and after his portrait was complete I did the portrait of Leona the cat in graphite. Upon completing the portrait of Leona I realized just how much I enjoy drawing realistic animals, as well as the fact that drawing realistic portraits is excellent practice for technical skill development. I have a couple more commissions in the works so there will be new portfolio pieces soon! I hope everyone has a great start to there week!

This the deer drawing that I did over the holiday break, this is the photo that brought in the inquires.

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