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Spaceport Complete!

The next illustration for the scifi novel, "A Chronicle Volume II" by EAE Gerber is done! This one is a spaceport that is a mall that customers and pilots can browse while their ship gets serviced by a series of technicians. I really enjoyed realizing this piece for the book. It was fun to create a museum like structure to show off various types of ships and alien technicians. I also had fun drawing the mall scene, I don't usually draw crowds of characters but this one was fun to set up based my own experiences in malls. The man in the robe on the right was a fun joke about alien elder councils and that they worship the idea of balance. I set up the perspective lines to show off the night sky while simultaneously bringing the eye slowly down past the ships and onto the crowd on the mall floor. Needless to say I hadn't drawn anything like this piece before, and I had a ton of fun working on it! This piece is number 3 of 11 illustrations left to go, wont be long now until the book is published!

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