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The Citadel is Complete!

Along with the series of Dungeons and Dragons character illustrations I was working on, I was also simultaneously working on a scifi city landscape illustration. I call it the "Citadel" and it is one of my favorite scifi illustrations I've done. I learned from a fellow digital painter that sometimes if you want to make a believable texture in your painting, that you should find the actual texture. By that I mean go online and look for a photo that has the texture you want to use and then copy it into your picture and use filters and the free transform tool to apply the texture to the object in the painting. Put the texture on a layer above the object you want to texture and once you have the texture warped and aligned with the object you want to texture, go to the layer properties and turn down the opacity so that your digital painted object on the layer below will show through. Now then, the texture may have different lighting than the lighting in the painting, so from there I suggest using a paint brush tool to trace the texture and add you'r own lighting according to your established light source. By doing this you make the texture look realistic while also making it look like its part of the painting. If you don't alter the texture or change the opacity, anyone who looks at the painting will be able to see a difference between the texture and the rest of your painting because the human eye is good at differentiating between a photo and a digital painting, so your best bet is to make the texture look more like a digital painting using the method I have mentioned. #art #illustration #scifi #method #texture #city #environment #conceptart #mountain #ashevillenc #boardgame #videogame #dungeonsanddragons #wizardsofthecoast #space #fantasy #fun #creative #freelancer #forhire #commission #design #field #photoshop #tutorial #samfontainestudios

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