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5 Acts: The King in Yellow Public Playtest Out Now!

Hi everyone! Here's an exciting update on our kickstarter from me as well as the rest of the Nilhemoth team.The game has solidified into a fun, zany and surreal romp through horrific scenarios based on Robert W. Chambers' original 1895 anthology "The King in Yellow". We are now ready for public-facing play tests! You can get a free fully illustrated .pdf of the game's rules from our website, Just sign up with your email and you will receive an email with a link to the file! I hope everyone who tries it out has a lot fun with it. We've spent the last 16+ months developing this game and as someone who has participated in many playtest sessions I know it will throw the whole table into delightful chaos! Best of luck in reclaiming your title as cosmic royalty... or so your character believes.


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