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Dawn Riders

So in the last few weeks I've been trying to get better at drawing believable scifi technology. For a long time I've felt like the technology I come up with is a little too... blocky and doesn't quite mirror real life technology the way I would like for it to. So I've been studying and sketching machinery and gadgets from various scifi series and also using real life machines, like car engines and those new military robots. I think it's been helping quite a bit and I've been feeling a little more confident in my drawings. Another thing I've learned is that to make realistic technology and environments, you need to mentally project yourself into those environments. This is much easier said than done, because when putting yourself into those imaginary worlds, it takes a lot of concentration. This recent WIP is based in the scifi genre, "Solar Punk" a genre that I think has some of the most beautiful futuristic scifi worlds I've ever seen. I've been using alot of Star Wars concept art to help me figure out a visual rhythm for this city because I want to make sure I don't wear the viewer's eye out be making the fine details too densely arranged. So far I'm very happy with how this piece is coming along, it definitely is mirroring my mental image quite accurately. Here are a few progress photos so that you can see what I've been referring to in this post. I'll have an update to you all soon! Have a great evening!

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