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I've been away for a bit but it's been for the best since I've used the time to recharge creatively and work on a few commissions. I've recently gotten representation with The Directory of Illustration and am looking forward to working alongside their organization.

For the time being I've been trying to be less result oriented when I draw and to just have fun with it since drawing is a passion that I enjoy very deeply and want continue to enjoy it. With that being said I've been working on learning and utilizing the principles of illustration in my own work. Here is one of the practice pieces that I've really enjoyed working on. It's called, "Hyperduct" as in a massive aqua-duct or energy-duct. In this piece I tried to emulate the resolution of the human eye by making smaller details in the distance and cityscapes more abstract, since the human eye sees an abstract mish-mash of shapes, colors and lines when looking out at a distant cityscape. I also have gotten myself a pack of varying sizes of micron pens and have been experimenting with varying line density in order to convey depth and size of objects and places. I have a handful of other smaller pieces I've been working on for fun and I'll definitely be posting them as they are complete. Stay tuned!!

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