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Solar Station Update and More News!

Good morning! First off, I want to mention that along with now running an exclusive "patrons only" newsfeed with updates, sketches and videos. In the new year I'm hoping to begin live-streaming art! I've set up the proper software with my cameras and am currently finishing up selecting the platforms I want to stream on. There will be more updates on that as the new year draws near, so stay tuned!

Below I've put a photo of the current progress on, "Solar Station". Its been fun adding new levels of detail like the rock hashing and the mechanical and paneling details on the station itself. I wasn't initially intending to use such heavy line density but it was a good way to cover up the seams between line segments. Thankfully it actually did a lot for adding a good bit of depth along side the floating islands. I'm at the point where I have only a few more things to ink before I can get it scanned and begin the coloration! It's been quite an adventure working on such a huge piece of paper but I've had fun and will definitely be doing more large scale pieces in the future. My next update should be the final inking and line clean up, stay tuned!


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