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Update: Chronicle Volume III

I haven't posted much on the progress of the illustrations for the scifi novel, Chronicle Volume III. So I've decided to let you all know whats going on with my second biggest commission ever.

This book is 17 chapters long, and thus requires 17 illustrations, one for each chapter. The new requirements for this project are, two versions of each illustrations, a sharp and detailed graphite illustration and an ink and colored pencil version. The plan is to create the graphite illustrations first as a way to create guidelines for the ink/coloredpencil version which will be traced from the graphite. The progress has been a bit slow mostly because the art for the tabletop RPG, Hali: Shores of Carcosa, has a closer deadline and is a much heftier project which requires more focus and energy.

But thats boring info that you all probably don't care about, lol.

Here are some progress photos of a couple of the Chronicle Volume III illustrations!

This illustration is called "The Game" it shows two of the highest ranking military officials watching and discussing a giant space battle on a hologram surrounded by screens with logistics and real time combat info. They are discussing strategy based on the 3D projection, it looks like they are playing a game which is why I titled it what I did.

This piece is called "The Crash", during the battle shown in the previous illustration one of the main character's ship is shot down. She crash lands in a swamp and is able to escape her sinking ship before drowning and is barely alive in this illustration.

I'll hopefully have some new updates in the near future because I am still working on them consistently, just at a slower pace. Thats all for now, have a great day all!

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