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Zorro Genre Flip

Hi everyone, I got a new character design for you all! "Zorro X" is a digitally painted character portrait created using Photoshop. About a month and a half ago was the 100th Anniversary of the movie "The Legend of Zorro" and I wanted to do something in honor of one of my literary heroes by doing a genre flip/cyberpunk re-imagining. I'm quite proud of how it turned out and I'm hoping to create a background for this piece as a separate project for practice with environment design. I didn't set myself a deadline for this piece when I started because I noticed that I improve my skills when I get to mess around with a drawing with no pressure or stress. So I spent the last two months working on this one, on and off for the sake of practicing making realistic clothing and occluded lighting (The green and magenta light reflections on the clothing and hat). I feel it is one of my best pieces because I gave myself time to practice and I have a few character designs on deck to work on in the future, so be on the look out for those characters! #fantasyartist #zorro #thelegendofzorro #sciencefictionartist #conceptartist #cyberpunkartist #genreflip #illustration #design #characterdesign #digitalpainting #digital2D #drawing #fun #creative #art #blog #blogpost #artblog #contemporaryartist

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