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New Time Lapse!

Hey everyone, I haven't posted on my website in awhile, I've been focusing on creating more content and managing my online presence. I recently have been organizing my websites, choosing art that no longer needs to be on the internet (old digital paintings and drawings that aren't indicative of my skills). I've also been training myself to draw quicker and more efficiently while simultaneously practicing and experimenting with new medias such as watercolor and collage. I feel like the more I spread my skills into new territory the better of an artist I become. The picture below was a 4 hour digital drawing session with the intention of making an android that wasn't too aesthetically blocky, I wanted to try and make a more cyberpunk style. Below is the final inking, you can see a time lapse of the inking process on my instagram at

I'll be going live tonight at 8:30pm est. I'll be going live on Twitch, Instagram and Facebook. Come sit in to learn about some color theory and watch as I color this piece along with several scifi environments I've recently painted!


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