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Trying to Broaden my Range a Bit.

Over the last few months I've been making it a point to practice technical art more often, things like human anatomy, nature and architecture in order to expand my ability. I think it's been paying off along with a lot of watercolor practice. This panorama I've drawn here is a recent culmination of my architectural and human practices and I'm very proud of how its been coming along. It still has a way to go to completion, I've only really added a second layer of color to the buildings so far. I'm also proud of the emotion I was able to convey, I've never really done any romantic or wistful feeling art before, and I was genuinely interested in giving it a shot. For this piece I focused a lot of the body language of the woman as well as the expression on her face to give her a look and manner of contemplation and wonder as she looks out over her obscured view of the ocean. It was fun to really put a lot of thought into all aspects of this piece, to make it feel as though the subject is existing in a living world and that this picture is simply a window into that world. It's been a fun adventure! Join my patreon to get updates early and see more progress photos and process updates, not to mention the behind the scenes looks at how I operate and what I'm up to!

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